…the blog is finally up and running…:

check out the first post

15. Jan. 2013

…quite some changes:

Adsense: I thought I give it a go …it is nearly impossible to keep a website commercial free today - think about embedding a You Tube clip; …did some Internet research about it, but the information that can be found is quite contradicting … time to make my own experience…

4x4 Tech Articles: articles reviewed and template changed;

google custom search: added this feature to the nav bar; iE shows the result page blurry … quite tricky to get it right for all kind of browsers… but the search is a powerful tool and works very well…

Reliability & Performance page: reviewed and info added;

02. Feb. 2013

…3 new technical articles uploaded:

3 new articles about tires, tires and tires… Part 1, Part 2, Part 3… happy reading…

19. Jan. 2013

…Collyn River’s website updated:

when I checked the links on my “favourite link page” I recognised that the link to Collyn’s website was broken (fixed now); reason was he updated the whole site, also his articles … they make an excellent reading and are sources of knowledge…I may put some of his book titles on my wish list for Santa Claus…

18. Dec. 2012

…2 new pages uploaded:

…one in the maintenance section about “coolant refill” … and some light reading about the reliability & performance of the Terracan

plus I reviewed all the technical articles … this one about exhaust modifications contains now new information…

14. Dec. 2012

…feedback from readers:

since the site is up and running I got quite some emails from readers - sometimes 3-5 emails per week which I try to answer in a timely manner. Most of the emails are about the Terracan, some are just general comments about the site (most of them positive) and there are also some readers with new ideas … Thanks all for the feedback so far.

9. Dec. 2012


a few weeks ago I bought the Dec. Edition of the OVERLANDER… thought it looks a little bit different… reading through the editorial explained it: Group Publisher G.W. and Publisher S.W. … obviously the mag was overtaken by the “action guys”… I assume it won’t take long now and the mag will be on the same level as their other mags.

I will miss Dr. Karl’s contributions (I don’t think he will give his name for the “action guys”).

However, I still had a laugh when I read the article “Voice Your Opinion” (page 8): quote: …Overlander readers are our most important asset … end quote.

…so this makes now obviously all the readers of their other mags second class readers …  

9. Dec. 2012

In the meanwhile I found out that the take-over happened already approx. 1 year ago…obviously the Dec. Edition was the first Overlander Mag I bought for quite some time… it will be the last one too … without R. Pepper’s and/or Dr Karl’s contribution they lost quite some value…

23. Dec. 2012

…new pages:

a lot of new pages in the pipeline, but work commitments prevented till now that I could publish them here …

The mindful reader might have recognized small changes here and there already; one downsides when the pages become more and more is that a lot of effort is required just for maintenance….

9. Dec. 2012

Wikipedia asks for donations …

…it’s the time of the year …  if you have 5 AU$ to spend … here is a good cause considering what they provide, all without any advertisement and as a non-profit organisation!… well done Wikipedia, one of the best projects in the Internet …

BTW: you can use the information (pics, drawings, text…) from Wikipedia for free!…e.g. for your own web site … just point out the source and you are done with the copyright!


for Terracan owners:

a reader of my site (credit goes to G.Y.) did some testing with a scanner app for iPhones / iPads and it looks that it works wrt reading the DTCs!!! … I’m not an Apple fan so I can’t do further testing here, but if someone else is keen: here the link to the website NovaScan - costs are only US$40 plus an WiFi OBD plug (eBay)… would be nice if someone out there could give me a feedback and confirm whether it works or not… that could be a handy tool for iPhone owners…

Oct. 2012

…and the other can of worms I opened:    

…videos for the site …o.k., that’s not really new … the Goanna crawls  now for some time ….

Oct. 2012


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