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host service provider

I use iPage to host this website; looked at a few reviews, but being an absolute layman it is a little bit tricky how to evaluate the difference between those host providers. I had to overcome some hurdles setting up the site, but encountered very good support from their help line (Life Chat Support).

iPage also provides webmail, statistic tools, even site builder software and heaps of other stuff, not too shabby for less than AU$ 3 per month.

They run a referral program, so if you want to sign up with them because you like what you see here, do it via the right link and we share the 6-pack.

what else?

You want to add gadgets like weather forecasts?… guest book? …  hit counters? … a shoutbox? … a message board where visitors can leave a comment? … or even a forum? …but you can’t program it? … no problem, in the wide Internet world are enough - often free - “snippets” and all kind of software available; be careful so as those third party software comes with their own terms&conditions and a lot with all kind of advertisement too, and sometimes even malware.

Beside some other gadget as seen on the left here I use the following third party software on my site:

Photo Galleries facilitating slide shows and other media features - also the “social media” buttons / widgets you can see at the bottom of each page - are already included in the WebPlus X6 package.

site builder, hosting and other information about the site

what’s needed to create such a site?

This article is not for the experts, but for laymen (I’m still one) who feel inspired by what they see here and who want to start similar projects. Actually, it is not so difficult and - while time consuming - it even doesn’t cost much.

What you need is a host service provider who provides a home for your site and a site builder software… and time, a lot of time…

site builder software

I did some homework and started with Serif WebPlus X5; upgraded in the meanwhile to the new X6 version with even better features, but also with some serious bugs at the beginning. An update sorted out the major issues and now it runs stable, even on my old windows XP.

I like the WebPlus X6 package as it doesn’t require programming skills (…what is HTML?…), but still facilitates quite complex site projects.  

There is also the Serif Forum with helpful members if there are any hurdles to overcome.

So while I like Serif’s software, I really don’t like their business practise: they email upgrades or new software for an “incredible price” only for “valued customers”; if you don’t take the bait, a few days later they send another email with even a significant cheaper price…

However, it is very important to find a site builder that suits your own personal preferences and tasks to avoid frustrations. I recommend to spend some time reading reviews about the different site builder software and also do some testing with some demo versions before settling on the software.

Nearly every site builder software comes with templates; you pick one, just exchange the text and literally you could create your own site in one evening session. But it is more fun- at least for me - to develop an own unique “template”, and when the site grows and you want to add features the template you picked might be limited anyway.

Adding slide shows, video clips or a shop might be easy with one site builder, but a real challenge with another one, so if you plan to add those feature think ahead.

p. issued: Dec., 2013   -   last update: 16-02-2013
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Web Hosting by iPage

…the hit counter

… on the homepage is actually a visit counter and filters the daily duplicates - if you visit the homepage more than once in 24 hours it counts your multiple visits as 1 visit - if you enter the site via another page, there is no counting at all. Well, not via this counter, but iPage (the host service provider) provides a lot of statistics and data so your visit gets recorded somehow - more about site statistics here.


…while I want to create here a website  

it is not meant to have to be successful in a way that is has to have record visitor numbers or that it earns money.

However, the main driver is to provide a platform for my pondering and to share it with people who are interested in it.

Thanks to all who already supported this project by providing feedback, photos, text and other interesting material to be used here!

better safe than sorry...
website security


…is appreciated; it’s possible via the contact form or via the message board.

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