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p. issued: 14-Feb., 2013   -   last update: –
Willem’s Chautauqua Blog

…all the posts here:

the blog

…is a little bit a different animal and I contemplated quite a while how to implement it into my 4×4 Chautauqua site. This site is really more related to 4WDs, 4×4 and off-road topics, but with the blog I want to cover a much broader realm. So at the end I decided for a different template.

I want a simple template, focusing on the posts and my thoughts expressed in the posts, and not so much on an interesting, eye-catching template and format.

And obviously WordPress is a software popular and well-known for blogs and all this modern “sharing & communication” linkages – so should be good?

I also decided to run this blog in its own environment, so readers not into 4×4 topics won’t get annoyed by all the 4WD and off-road stuff.

However, if someone is interested in both, there are enough links to facilitate easy navigation from one page to another.

4x4 Chautauqua
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