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about the site owner

…so this is about me, Willem Winch; o.k. this is a pseudonym  / alias I used at a 4WD forum. Adopting it also here will allow me to keep some privacy for my family, but it will be also helpful for friends from  other forums to recognize me in this new environment.

I lived in Germany and approx. 6 years ago my wife - she is Australian - and I decided to relocate to the Illawarra / NSW. There are a few things I miss here, real four seasons with all the colours, soccer…but overall it is a good place with a lot of freedom to raise our two little daughters.

I have a mechanical engineering degree and earn my crust as an engineer just to indicate that contemplating about the physics and forces involved in vehicle operations and recovery scenarios is not so unfamiliar for me and of course it makes it easier for me to understand the “dos” and “don’ts” for keeping the Terracan on the road. We own the Terracan now for nearly 6 years. It is my first 4WD and while not a hard core 4WD I still got and get a lot of fun out of it.

I remember watching the documentaries of Malcolm Douglas (RIP) when I was younger, and it was mainly him who sparked my interest for this country and the outback, but I never thought that one day I would live here…

That should do …I might update this page later; if you think you need more to know about me, just send a mail

P.S.: yes, I’m responsible for what I publish here, but I’m not responsible for what readers understand … or like to understand.

p. issued: May, 2012  -  last update: 02-02-2013
4x4 Chautauqua
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