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site statistics 4x4 Chautauqua

Site Statistics

The visit counter on the homepage counts only the visits of the homepage, but not the visits of other pages. It filters the duplicates over a day and multiple visits from one unique visitor over a day / 24 hours is counted as one visit.

If someone enters the site via any other page without visiting the homepage, this visit counter won’t record this particular visit. I’m sure there are more sophisticated counter tools out there, but this one comes with the Serif (Site Builder) package and was easy to implement.

p. issued: Sep., 2013   -   last update: 01-02-2013

Conversely Ipage (host) provides heaps of other site statistics and for the ones interested in it here a few graphs - I will try to update them every week.

The site was up and running - with only a few pages - in April 2012. Now it gets around 450 unique visitors (indicated by unique IP) per month. Robots etc. are already filtered.

In the meanwhile I found already pictures from the site on other websites (so much about copyrights) from all over the world.

Site Statistics for 2012

January, 2013

546 unique visitors with 1,009 visits overall: that are new records for the young site!

February, 2013

…even more visits and visitors although it was a short month.

4x4 Chautauqua
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