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4x4 Chautauqua

a successful learner…… loves learning…… seeks challenges…… values effort…… persists in the face of obstacles

All content copyright Willem Winch or otherwise credited.

for sale:

with brackets (bolts, nuts and screws might not be complete, but can be sourced from a hardware store); some battle scars, but once polished still in good nick. Note: these are no rock sliders! They are fitted to the chassis and not the ladder frame and the brackets will bend if used as rock sliders. They are quite suitable to ease entering and leaving the car, especially for kids and elder people.

Slightly damaged; the damage resulted from hanging up on a rock due to the poor approach angle; also with the damage the bar is still functional. Damage can be fixed  - some GFK reinforcement behind the damage might be required.

Sold with the bar above or separate.

Actually a quite good coil IMO with a progressive rate. Gives approx. 25 mm lift compared to the genuine coils.

Suits the Eibach coils, but too short for my current lift.

Well, “bash”plate isn’t the right term for this plastic part - nevertheless as genuine part from Hyundai it will cost you over AU$400!

Got it for free, but had to pay for the shipping - and that was costly. Thought I could figure out how to attach a drain plug, but lack of time never gave this idea a high priority.

4 mm tread left; I always try to get a complete set (5) of new tyres - these are the ones still usable from the last set. The other 3 were ruined due to a too late wheel alignment.

if interested in an

item send me an email:

Organized one just in case - but my genuine one never failed.

One weak item of the Terry, but easy to replace - I always order 2 to have one as backup when I need it, or if someone else needs it…

...depends on what you really need.

…bought it once just in case, but the genuine one is still working just fine …

With 265/75-R16 Pirelli Scorpions ATR LT tyres this mechanism is useless - this tyre size doesn’t fit in the spare well anymore.

Such a nice idea, have a look at the pic - but my tyre size… see above…

I hoped it would allow error code reading of the Terracan’s ECM, but it fails like other scan tools.

Has some other Terracan specific issues - more about this here - and falls behind the ScanGaugeII. So I keep the ScanGaugeII and this one has to go…

Comes with the original box… more info here from their website. It doesn’t suit the Terracan, but might suit another car.

Terracan Spare Parts Garage Sale
 Sold! … there are more potential buyers, if you have side steps to sell let me know and I pass it on…
p. issued: June, 2012  -  last update: 03-02-2013
top Click the pics to increase them for details;
close panel

…some notes first:   

  • This is really only a garage sale - it is not an online shop and I don’t intend to change it into an online shop.

While I might be interested in other Terracan parts - I’m looking for Thule roof bars with the older style legs at the moment - I’m not interested in any commercial style trading of any articles associated with Terracans or other vehicles.

Nevertheless if you have a Terracan part lying around and you want to get rid of it, I might be keen as long as I can provide a place in the garage for it.

  • If you are interested in bigger items from my garage (fuel tank, side rails etc.): please note that they have to be picked up as shipping would be too costly - it is ok if you organize shipping on your own so.
  • Also if the part you are looking for is not here in my garage - which would be the normal case as this is really only a garage sale - I still might know from where you can source it or can help you out with the part number so you can check whether alternative sources (a lot of parts are interchangeable with Kia) are available for you. Just send me an email.
  • to answer all the questions about sources for fuel and oil filters, timing belt kits and other belts I received over the last weeks: I buy these parts from Sydney Filter Services; their quality parts are reasonable priced, they are reliable and delivery is very fast plus they have a very good reputation and it is convenient for me that I can buy all the items required for a big service as a package.

Willem Winch, 20 June 2012

panel T1 / 28-10-2012- 4x4 Chautauqua

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