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4x4 Chautauqua

a successful learner…… loves learning…… seeks challenges…… values effort…… persists in the face of obstacles

All content copyright Willem Winch or otherwise credited.

Hyundai Terracan CRDi

Hyundai doesn’t have a big history wrt 4WDs, and the production period of the Terracan, the sales numbers and the lack of a matching successor obviously weren’t encouraging for the aftermarket industry and therefore modifying became - and still is - a little bit challenging.

Spare Parts

for the Terracan seem to be more easily available now that nearly all Terracans are out of warranty resulting in a more competitive spare part market. Before, any repairs had to be done by authorised Hyundai dealers using genuine spare parts.

If you can’t find a part, have a look into my garage, there might be the one part you are looking for just waiting for you...


…are they required? …well, the answer lies in the eyes of the beholder. The standard setup is quite suitable for towing and light off road work, also some people complained about the suspension.

The wish for a modification often doesn’t comply with the needs for a modification and common sense isn't always the driver when it comes to adding some gadget.

On the other side modifications can also be surprisingly ingenious and still simple like my CADS Control.

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Service / Maintenance

is important and can save money otherwise spent for costly repairs. The challenge is to find a good dealership, garage or mechanic who can do the job.

In the first years when the Terracan was sold, a lot of the Hyundai mechanics had no experience with 4WDs, and crucial service areas, e.g. lubrication of the uni and slip joint of propeller shafts were often neglected.

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For me the Terracan was and still is a very reliable car. 160,000 km later and no dramas at all. It might be sheer luck - or maybe Pirsig’s “classical approach” when it comes to maintenance and driving? … who knows.

Most complains from people were about issues with the LSD (diff shudder), radio, HP-fuel pump, idler arm, but IMO a lot of those issues can be linked to poor maintenance, wrong LSD oil, fuel filters not changed, neglected greasing of propeller shafts or bad fuel...

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The Hyundai Terracan

isn’t really a hard-core 4WD, some will classify it as a SUV, but it comes with a simple ladder frame, low range, part-time or AWD (in the Highlander version), a rear life axle that facilitates good articulation to give him a decent off road capability and an IFS. In Australia only the 2.9 L CRDi and the 3.5 L petrol was imported while an earlier 2.5 L diesel version was also exported to other countries, e.g. South Africa.

The Terracan was sold - at least in Australia - with basic driver and passenger airbags and ABS. 2 foldable seats in the boot - not suitable for adults - made him a budget people mover with decent offroad and towing capabilities.

The 2.9 L CRDi engine was also employed in the Kia Sedona / Kia Carnival, but in the Kia it was fitted sideways (the Sedona is a front wheel drive) so motor supports will be likely different and so might be auxiliary aggregates. A few items seem definitely interchangeable (injectors, fuel pumps) according to other sources and vendor information.

The Terracan is still built in China as Hawtai Terracan with a smaller gasoline engine (4G69 – 2.4L) from Mitsubishi.

p. issued: May, 2012   -   last update: 03-02-2013

Most of the information that can be found here refers to the 2.9 L CRDi as it was my first and still is my only 4WD bought when I relocated from Europe to Australia approx. 7 years ago. Over the years I added some modifications that distinctly improved the offroad capability and obviously also changed the look.

If you have experience with alternative modifications - e.g. ARB lockers instead of the LOKKA I have - and you are keen to share it here let me know.

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