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4x4 Chautauqua

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All content copyright Willem Winch or otherwise credited.

The housing is only hold by the screw on the top and via this one pin and should come easily off when pulling in the right direction (after removing the screw from the top).

Trying to lever off the housing with a screw driver can scratch and damage the housing - the strap is a much more gentle approach.

Here is how it works:

and the housing should come off.

Park Light and Blinker Housing Removal

…that is an easy one, but nevertheless a good trick that made its way into a few other forums…

Replacement of blinker or park lights can be tricky and using screwdriver to lever off the housing out of its position can damage and scratch it.

There is an easy way to remove the housing without using a screwdriver as lever.

maintenance details - park light / blinker housing removal
top Click the pics to increase them for details;
p. issued: Aug., 2012   -   last update: 03-02-2013

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