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4x4 Chautauqua

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All content copyright Willem Winch or otherwise credited.

The steps:

  1. left front wheel needs to be jacked up;
  2. a stand is required to secure the car, then the wheel can be removed;
  3. removing the 4 bolts from the holder is also relative easy with a decent spanner set.
  4. removing the ball joint could be tricky - see above.

Putting everything back together:

  1. the 4 bolts needs to be secured with thread locker; torque for the bolt is - from the workshop manual - 55 to 65 Nm.
  2. torque for the ball joint - also from the workshop manual - 45 Nm.
  3. The castle nut gets secured with a new split pin.

That’s all.

Required for the repair or total replacement is a good set of spanners (a variety in different lengths helps), a torque wrench, thread locker, the complete idler arm assy (or the particular part that needs to be replaced) and a quality ball joint remover.

Without a quality ball joint removal tool a good hammering technic is required. I broke the cheap ball joint remover from Supercheap and had to rely on my hammering technic.

One heavy hammer on the edge of the relay rod to absorb the impulse and a smaller hammer for hitting the thread did the job for me… works like the Newton’s Cradle and avoids that the relay rod moves when the thread of the ball joint getting hit.

The whole repair takes between 1 and 2 hours depending on how easy the ball joint can be removed.

A wheel alignment after replacing an idler arm assy with a heavily bent rod might be a good investment.

Idler Arm Repair

The idler arm assy is one of the weak points of the Terracan. It comprises the idler arm with the ball joint (connects to the relay rod) and the holder with a rod and 2 bushes.

The rod is prone to get bent or can corrode, the bushes and the ball joint can wear out. I got my first one replaced under warranty, the second replacement I did just now with approx. 160,000 km on the clock.

Sometimes jiggling of the idler arm causes a metallic noise indicating too much play. Or the rod is so heavily bent that it is recognizable without dismantling the idler arm assy, but in most cases a diagnose without dismantling is not possible.

Bushes are available on eBay (approx. AU$ 25), the idler arm can be ordered without the holder.

Considering the relative low costs - I don’t relay on Hyundai - of the complete assy I prefer a total replacement over changing single parts like bushes or idler arm.

repair details - idler arm
p. issued: Aug., 2012   -   last update: 05-02-2013
top Click the pics to increase them for details;

Material Required

overall cost: less than AU$100;

Safety Note: when working under the car it needs to rest on suitable stands on firm ground. Never let it rest just on car jacks!

read disclaimer!

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