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4x4 Chautauqua

a successful learner…… loves learning…… seeks challenges…… values effort…… persists in the face of obstacles

All content copyright Willem Winch or otherwise credited.

Technical Specification

Terracan reliability & performance
Click the pics to increase them for details;


from Hyundai Brochure Part No. HP1204S:

Features & Dimensions


Copyright Notes:

The information on this page was copied from the Hyundai Brochure Part No. HP1204S; Hyundai is the originator and owner of this brochure partly copied here. The brochure doesn’t show any copyright statements, signs or other comments that would indicate, that copyrights would be violated by the use of information or copies from the brochure here on this page. The information and data from the brochure was not manipulated or changed. Due to the non-commercial nature of 4x4 Chautauqua, the educational intention and the obvious factual content of the brochure it is assumed, that issuing the copies here is Fair Use. However, the copy below will be removed from this page immediately, if Hyundai as the owner of the brochure has any objections wrt the usage of such copies on this page.

p. issued: 26-01-2013  -  last update: 03-02-2013
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